Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thoughts On Game 4

First off, with no Betts and no Avery the lines will be reconfigured. Here is what I would go with:
P.A. Parenteau-Moore-Dawes
Do I think Renney go with that? No, I am pretty sure that we will see Petr Prucha back in and I don't think Ryan Hollweg will be back.

On Holly, I really believe that people are being too hard on him for the boarding penalty on Petr Sykora. Was it a bad penalty, at a bad time? Yep. Did we lose because of it? Absolutely not. The team was terrible for most of the game. It wasn't Hollweg who just stood still, watching the Penguins pass the puck around before scoring both their fourth and fifth goals. People are quick to jump on him for being a one-dimensional goon but they have forgotten how he provided a spark during any one of those games during the midseason doldrums.

A great moment that I didn't address last night - the Staal on Staal hit. That was awesome. While I am sure their parents weren't too happy, I am sure it wasn't the first time the boys hit each other and it pretty much served to level the ledger after Jordan's goal on Sunday.

But back to the future: there shouldn't be much of a change in game-plan for Game 4. Let's face it folks, this series was pretty much a post and a whistle away from the Rangers having a 2-1 lead despite playing far below their capabilities. And there is absolutely no reason not to empty the tank and leave everything out on the ice in Game 4. These guys will have all summer to recover (or two days until a Game 5).

If it does prove to be the final game of the year, be sure to keep checking back here because I won't take much of an offseason. There will be report cards, Scotty Hockey All Stars, Stanley Cup coverage, some draft and free agency coverage and more!

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Pete said...

Well, if tonight is the last game, at LEAST I'll get to see Prucha one last time before they ship him off to wherever it is good, young, neglected players go after their development has been pushed aside by 2 big paycheck names and a coaching staff that lacks foresight and vision.

All season I watched Prucha play on various lines and all I could think about was how they want him to be a dangler but NO ONE ever thought to tell him that his positioning at the top of the crease always had him shooting on the backhand. Just one of many egregious mistakes this coaching staff has made this year.

I hope we pull out the miracle that I know is in this team, if they can find it in themselves. Let's go Prucha and Let's Go Rangers!