Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It appears that everyone's favourite fatso has cried his way out of representing his country. Sean Avery apparently hurt his feelings so he doesn't want to play anymore, he is just going to take his pads and go home.
Brodeur said it was "The circus with the Rangers," and especially, "You Know Who," who made him look "tired mentally," as coach Brent Sutter put it.
So let me get this right, you lost the series because you played like crap, and yet you were still invited to play for your country - one of the highest honours a hockey player can receive - and you don't wanna play no mo?? Poor baby!

Ah, yet another classless move by the biggest whiner in hockey. Guess that's just par for the course, right?


Anonymous said...

I was waiting for Fischler to make a comment on how Marty didn't shake hands or make the attempt. He never did. This is a mockery. Even in the dark ages when the Rangers and Flyers went at it they shook hands at the end of the game. Marty needs to get a new act. This act did not fool the young guns, or intimidate them. He should never be invited to anything again. He sure had to work real hard. His pilars of strength are in the rafters never to aid him again. Just goes to show. Henrik is fighting for his life back there. He has to watch out for his own guys as well as the other guys. So who is the best or better one so far. Henrik doesn't flounder or wavier, he just plays the game. Marty Blowduer. Retire, your time has come. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Agreed. No matter what goes on during the game on the ice, everyone should show class off the ice. So Avery got in your face and got you off the game. Oh well. Next time settle it during the game or get your teammates to settle it for you. Congrats Avery, boo to Broduer.
Go Flyers.

Pete said...

And the sad thing is, that putz will get the Vezina over Hank, simply because of his numbers, and how much they like to stroke his ego. Hank came back from having to deal with his dad's brain aneurysm. Marty had to come back from...well, dealing with not being able to keep his dick in his pants. Definitely a Vezina candidate. Grr...