Monday, April 21, 2008


So super blogger Greg Wyshynski has recently taken over the so-called NHL Experts Blog over at Yahoo!

Greg was kind/insane enough to ask me to write an obituary for the dearly departed New Jersey Devils. So I did. Let me know what you think ...

First the New York Times, now Yahoo!, and next?

The world!!!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your article in yahoo sports. Your extreme hate for the devils oozes like the venom from a snake bite. I guess seeing the Stanley Cup raised 3 times in 8 years across the river in Jersey would drive any true blue ranger supporter insane. Considering the pathetic management by Sather when the rags missed the playoffs 7 seasons in a row while the devils were racking up banners must have been a bitter an nasty pill to swallow, and let us not forget an original 6 franchise that has only 1 stanley cup in the last 68 years. Enjoy the first round victory, it will be hilarious watching the Rangers get torn apart by the buzz saw offence that awaits them in Pittsburgh.

Loser Domi said...

Wow--while reading the yahoo(!) comments , I think I felt my brain melt a little. And I thought the Brazilian folks who send me spam to "increase my mmanhoood" were bad to read.