Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Question of the Day

For all of the joy and wonder that was last night's ceremony, I have to admit some disappointment.

How is it that the current players didn't give a gift? The (so-called) captains skated the No. 9 banner over and hooked it up so it could head to the rafters, but that was the only contribution that the current team made. That's it.

Are they so concerned with the current recession (of which they have virtually no chance of being laid off from, even though several deserve to be)? At the very, very least, how could they not pass a hat around and make a contribution to the Garden of Dreams in Adam's name? Is it because every couple of weeks one or two of them are called upon by the team's PR firm to take part in a coat drive or visit a hospital or something so they feel that that is enough of a contribution?

Adam Graves has class, it's time the current players show some.


DO WORK said...

Adam didnt want gifts, he wanted it his way. Nothing flashy.

Scotty Hockey said...

An oversized cheque from the guys to the Garden of Dreams in his name wouldn't have been flashy ... like the cast of the Sopranos.

DO WORK said...

the Sopranos wasnt flashy, i didnt see any money from them.... Adam is a normal guy he doesnt get caught up in this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Somebody asked Drury in the post game press conference if it had been his idea to bring the Stanley Cup out. He was like "no". They were like "whose was it?" and he was all "no idea." He didn't seem particularly interested, which in fairness is somewhat understandable considering it was immediately after the game and he was visibly bitter about the loss.

Anonymous said...

I wondered about that. I know that for Mess they got him a fancy stick or something. I was waiting for the team to do something at all. Pack of sukkas.