Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Congrats Toots!

Former Ranger defenseman Fedor Tyutin scored the deciding goal in the shootout tonight for Columbus to beat the Chicago Blackhawks 4-3 and seal a spot in the playoffs for the Blue Jackets. For those that don't remember him, Tyutin was discarded for Nik Zherdev last offseason in yet another bad deal by Glen Sather. But we are not here to add more fuel onto the bonfire of failure caused by Sather's vanity but to congratulate one of the few good Ranger draft picks in the last 15 years for doing well. Too bad it wasn't for us.



Rob Celletti said...

A bad deal? Our leading scorer for Christian Backman and the SLIGHTLY above-average Fedor Tyutin. PLEASE. You're smart guy Scotty and you know the game, but this is one of the most asinine things I've ever heard anyone say regarding the Rangers.

I know you have it in for Zherdev, and I know he's maddening at times because he has all the talent you could ask for. But if they didn't have him, the Rangers probably wouldn't have had enough scoring to even be competitive for a playoff spot, let alone one win away from clinching. But yeah, you'd rather have Colton Orr getting more ice time. Riiiiiiight.

Scotty Hockey said...

Xavier - If the Rangers didn't trade for Z, maybe they would have gotten someone who actually cares, or allowed a rookie to get more time. Z has 57 mediocre points and has been a deciding player in maybe, maybe a half dozen games while his lackadaisical play cost us two or three games. I wouldn't say I would want Colt to get more ice time, but wouldn't mind a player with less talent and more heart.

Not having Fedor set Dan Girardi's progress back for months as Renney stuck him with the incapable Redden. Toots and Girardi were our best pairing at times last season. Now when you include Backman, I guess the deal becomes ok as getting rid of him made the Rangers a better team. Hmmm ... tough call.

Sammael said...

I disagree with this one, Scotty. All I bitched about last season was how easily Tyutin was bumped off of the puck. He coughed it up in our zone so often, you saw it coming on every forecheck by the opposition. He was VERY weak on the puck the last half of the season last year. The beginning half was a different story entirely, but I'm telling you, you must be blocking it out or something. Tyutin and Malik were the worst.
Rosy was good last year, I wonder what the hell happened?
Also, I will openly admit I was exstatic about the Redden signing when it was first announced. I had been screaming for a strong blueliner that could QB our powerplay in Jagr's absence, but who knew what a flop he would be? I can't blame Sather for that one... But I sure will blame him for Khalinen...