Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Peepin' Foes: Montreal Canadiens

Where We Are: Hanging on by a thread.

Where They Are: Hanging on by a little bit of a thicker thread.

Who To Watch For: Alex Kovalev - the former Ranger always seems to pop up to chip in a goal or two. The other Alex, Tanguay, is healthy and a constant offensive threat. The good news is that Markov and Schneider are out, but Roman Hamrlik and Josh Gorges didn't look too bad taking up some of the minutes lost for them during last night against Ottawa - and Hamrlik scored too.

What To Watch For: The Blueshirts have been able to jump all over the opposition early in most of their home wins. Can they do it again? How tired are the Habs? They had a demoralizing loss last night so will they roll over? How much can Bob Gainey get out of the tank now that two of his tyres have fallen off?

What We'll (Hopefully) See: The Rangers playing like it is life and death - because it is for their playoff hopes. Even though Philly has cemented a spot, they still greatly outclass the Rangers so the odds of sweeping them are slim - making this an absolutely must-win.

Also Check Out: Suiting a team of their stature, the Habs have plenty of good writers up here in the interweb. Some of them are: All Habs, Top Shelf Habs, Habs Blog, SBN's Eyes on the Prize and a thorough MSM blog in Habs Inside/Out.


Anonymous said...

"They had a demoralizing victory last night so will they roll over"

they had a demoralizing loss not a victory

Scotty Hockey said...

Wow that was a huge f-up. I meant the right thing but got the wrong work. Thanks anon. Edited out.