Monday, April 20, 2009

Musings For Monday Morning

As JRS said over at Blueshirt Banter, the only thing louder than a Ranger fan is a Ranger fan when they're winning. And the Rangers are winning: back-to-back surprising successes in Washington has the team riding one helluva high entering Monday night's Game 3. Now the Blueshirts can come out on fire and use the momentum and the crowd to go up 3-0 or fall flat on their behinds or give Ovechkin and company an inch and watch as they take a yard.

*I had yet to address the Matt Gilroy signing. So now I am. He had apparently given Toronto every indication that he would become a Maple Leaf but picked a real team instead. Gilroy looked great in the Frozen Four but let's face it, he wasn't drafted for a reason. Maybe he is indeed a late bloomer and he will join Staal, Girardi, Sanguinetti, Del Zotto, Potter and Sauer as the future Blue blueline but maybe not. No use getting all pumped up now, we still are hamstrung with Redden and Rozy.

*Apparently things are so bad that the Rangers are not giving up the usual cheap towels but instead the even cheaper Thunderstix. What do they think we are? Japanese baseball fans?!?! The inflatable noisemakers are annoying as hell and should never be allowed in a proper hockey arena.

*While I am not bringing a sign with me to the game, I did have a few ideas for the more motivated out there - "OVerrated," "Peanut Butter Poti Time," "Caps Fans, Rock The White," "The Bandwagon Stops Here" or just one of those incredibly big Hershey's bars for their fresh-from-the-farm netminder.

*A comment I had to pass along from one of the folks over at Japer's Rink during Game 2: everyone who wears a Lundqvist shirt/jersey should wear a crown. He meant it sarcastically, I think it would be fantastic.

*Over at Rangers Report Carp has done an adequate job replacing Sam but c'mon, how could he just now be writing "what has crossed my mind lately when I see [Callahan] and Dubinsky and Avery is this question: 'Why doesn’t everybody give that kind of effort all the time?' I don’t have that answer." We've only been asking that here in the blogosphere since last year.

*And it appears the Rangers are bringing the buses back this year. I rode one before a game against Atlanta and you basically stand up top and yell Let's Go Rangers at scared tourists while throwing out playoff towels - although who knows if there will be towels ...
New York Rangers fans will ride on two Rangers branded Double Decker buses prior to the New York Rangers taking on the Washington Capitals for games 3 and 4 of the Eastern Conference Quarter Finals. Fans will ride through midtown cheering on the Blueshirts and will proceed to Madison Square Garden for the start of Games 3 and 4, which will air live on MSG Network starting at 7 p.m. Lucky fans will meet Rangers alumni and will be given the chance to win Blueshirt gifts and prizes, including coveted playoff tickets.

WHAT: New York Rangers Fans Ride Double Decker Buses Through Midtown
WHO: Rangers Fans and Rangers Alumni
WHERE: Starting at Madison Square Garden (In front of 7th Ave at 31st St. continuing through midtown and returning to MSG.)
WHEN: Monday, April 20th and Wednesday, April 22 at 5:00 and 5:45 pm.
I won't be going along - can't ruin a routine that has helped the Rangers get this far (yes, I am superstitious) - but if you have the time, why not? At the least its a fun ride around midtown and you get some freebies out of it ... let's go Rangers!

6 comments: said...

Apparently, Gilroy originally played forward back when he was in Juniors. He went undrafted and went to college instead.

He was a walk-on who was forced into the #8 Defenseman role who the coach had no plans of playing and didn't even have a scholorship for the first two years of his college career.

Needless to say, I'm very skeptical.

Also, those thundersticks give me an Islanders Lighthouse Project vibe. Way to go Rangers PR Dept. said...

Also, they're going back to rally towels for Wednesday night.

Canyon of Blueshirts said...

I think the Gilroy signing was a great move. Last year Gilroy was heavily sought after and could have signed a contract then, but he decided to wait another year to finish his degree and try to win a national championship.

The Rangers basically got a 1st round pick for nothing by signing him. They will definitely use that 1st rounder on a forward now.

On top of that, on a team that featured top 1o pick in Colin Wilson, Gilroy was the leader. Granted that Gilroy is 4 years older than Wilson, it's still something positive.

Thunderstix are embrassing. They're for places that don't have sellout crowds, the Garden is going to be out of control with those in 18000 ppls hand. Poor decision

per djoos said...

somebody, please, take this franchise away from james dolan and restore it, please, to its erstwhile dignity.

hey jimmy, you know what you can do with those thunderstix, right?

kels said...

Thunderstix at the Garden?!

I am feeling very ill all of a sudden.

Good point on Rangers Report/Carp re: effort. It's a question that's been asked by many ALL season long.

s2404 said...

Ovie sitting in on the rangers practice and gets asked to leave lol, he's the man.