Friday, April 24, 2009

Just One Question

Can they pull it off?

Watching Pens/Flyers last night it appeared that Crosby's crybabies didn't have it in them to seal the deal. Despite some stellar work from their goaltender, the drive was gone from their offense. And they were playing at home. The Rangers are in the Phone Booth with a chance to advance.

Will we see a Game 6?


Ben said...

Yes, i think there will be a game 6.

i think the caps will play their best game of the series tonight...playing at home and facing what would be a humbling defeat, they will come out hard.

it all rests on Hank, though. he will be on, just like usual...but we gotta get 2-3 past him tonight.

Sammael said...

The Phone Booth!!!! I love it!

I agree, the Rangers are going to need a minimum of two tonight to win. If they score two early it may deflate the Caps.

We need to keep Green invisible. I think that will be one of the bigger keys to this puzzle. It is quite a feat to have completely silenced the leading defensive scorer this season though, my hat is off to them on that accomplishment thus far.

s2404 said...

every player on the rangers has to show up tonight. no one can be invisible and expect to win against a team thats going to bring it all tonight..