Thursday, April 9, 2009

Semper Fidelis True Blue

You folks can see that I shrug off capitalism here at Scotty Hockey, with the feeling being that the Garden gets enough of our money. If you want to spend any more (or have any more) of it then you should give to charity. While I always advocate donations to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (the link is permanently on the right side of the page), today I bring you another fantastic cause; I turn to fellow season subscriber Joe Burke to fill you in and hope that you will give what you can:
Dear Ranger Fans:

I would first like to thank Scotty for posting this letter. Scotty’s heart, like most Ranger fans, is in the right place. I would also like to thank my fellow fans for making this season a somewhat enjoyable experience. I say somewhat, because the final days of the Renney Era were pretty damn rough. Being a part of the Ranger community and sharing a couple of sarcastic laughs helped to ease the pain.

I have always maintained that the best Ranger teams reflect the characteristics of the typical Ranger fan, the Ranger teams that have achieved any kind of success have always been loyal, willing to suffer and sacrifice for the greater good, rewarded effort and integrity, and had a limited tolerance for b.s. It seems that Tortorella respects these qualities and is searching for players who exhibit them. This is good news.

That being said, I write to you in the hope of enlisting your support for another group of individuals who exhibit these same qualities, the United States Marine Corp. From May 1st through May 4th, I will be taking part in a Marine Corp Charity Bike Ride from the Iwo Jima Memorial located just across the Potomac River from Washington D.C. to Ground Zero here in New York City. The entire trip is a little less than three hundred miles.

I have the honor of riding with several Marine Corp combat veterans who have recently served in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are riding to raise money for the Marine Corp-Law Enforcement Foundation or MC-LEF, specifically, to meet the educational and medical needs of the children of Marines who have been killed in combat. A better cause there is not. If you are interested in the foundation and its goals please check out the link provided below for more details.

I know that this is not the best time to be asking for a charitable donation so anything you may be able to do is greatly appreciated. Ten, fifteen, twenty bucks, every little bit helps.

I can say with pride that the Ranger Fan always knows what is right, whether it is still giving Steven McDonald and his family a standing ovation twenty-three years later or always showing the utmost respect when the FDNY Color Guard comes out for the anthem. This is what sets us apart from other fans and I love it.

The easiest way to donate is online. From the MC-LEF’s main site, follow this link to donate.

We ask that people note in the comments box that their donation is in support of the 2009 Charity Bike Ride, and please state that the donation is coming from the New York Ranger Community. Whatever you want, “Let’s Go Rangers” or maybe you would like to express your feelings towards a certain television analyst for the Florida Panthers.

Thank you again.

With Gratitude

Joseph M. Burke
Section 330

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