Friday, April 24, 2009

This Just In!!!

MSG reported on the pregame that Sean Avery was benched for Game 5 tonight in favour of Aaron Voros.

So who is coming to Game 6?


The Likely Lad said...

Torts just denied them any chance of winning. Even at his worst, Avery is an asset. He skates, can scores, etc. He sent a message, but he also sent them back to MSG for G6. Terrible. (I understand the logic: send the player a message in a game they prob weren't winning anyway, but still... not the way for a real coach to approach this)

This One Will Last A Lifetime said...

I guess Torts wants to win round 1 at home? game 7 dramatics??

Anonymous said...

I am in favor of sending a message. However don't you think sitting Avery on the bench with limited ice time been better? .. Avery is a pest that causes a great deal of distraction, maybe on Sunday they will show up and want to win the game.. Oh and while I am on a rant... What the F*&^ is up with Gomez. Can he keep the puck and move it up the ice? .. Watching him game in and game out is getting really old.
I also want to know as a tried and true Ranger fan for the better part of 35 years. Why is it that the Rangers can not do what other teams do. Win the game with .3 seconds left, swarm the net and score??? .... Am I asking for the moon???... I will end by saying thanks for letting me rant a bit. I love this team !!!!

Ben said...

well Scotty, when you're right, you're right.

Aaron Voros might be the least talented player and one of the least valuable players i have ever seen. not just from watching him tonight, but all season. the dude does NOTHING.

how did he ever go on that goal scoring streak to start the year?