Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Congrats, I Guess ...

Today it was announced that former Rangers Brian Leetch and Mike Richter will be enshrined into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame alongside Cammi Granato and Brett Hull as the Class of 2008.

I guess that's a good thing? I mean, any time a player is recognized for his (or her) achievements it is an honour but the U.S. HoF is virtually a nonentity. It is a real Hall and it exists in Eveleth, Minnesota ... where??

Hmm, Toronto ... Eveleth ... something just doesn't match up there.

And the induction dinner, which may or may not be seen on the NHL Network (my money is on not) - is at the University of Denver of all places.

Are these guys even trying?

I know USA Hockey is fiercely proud of the grassroots nature of hockey in America, but something like their Hall of Fame should be made into a big deal, or it won't be treated as such. Like I said, congrats to all involved, but give me a call when Leetch and (maybe) Richter join Mess in the real Hockey Hall of Fame.

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Dachs said...

Well that's disappointing. I had heard they were inducted into the HOF, didn't realize it was this United States Hockey Hall of Fame. I second your congratulations, I guess.