Saturday, August 30, 2008

NHL Four-cast: New York Islanders

1 - Why is this team worth watching? Because minor league hockey is always entertaining. Turn them on, turn the audio off and play the Benny Hill music. If you want me to be serious, and it is difficult considering this is the Islanders after all, then tune in to watch the development of Kyle Okposo. The kid has some serious skills and let's face it, he has no pressure on Long Island as expectations are rock bottom. You just have to be patient.

2 - Are they better or worse than last year? Worse. They banished Ted Nolan after all he did was keep them respectable and now they have a AHL coach to coach what is essentially a AHL team. They let former sniper Miro Satan, Ranger-killer Ruslan Fedotenko and steady defenseman Aaron Johnson all go while bringing in a way, way past his prime Doug Weight, the overrated one-year-wonder Swiss Miss Mark Streit and goon Mitch Fritz (traitor). And golden boy DP's medical chart is getting longer and longer ...

3 - Who should YOU draft in fantasy? No one. Stay away like the plague, much like hockey fans do on Long Island. Okposo might put together a 50 point season but his plus/minus will be dreadful. And unless your league counts games lost to injury, then DP isn't worth your time. He will get most of the Isles wins - however few they may be - and probably will have a good save percentage but his g.a.a. will blow.

4 - Will every Islander game this season resemble this? I certainly hope so!!!

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TheMetalChick said...

Wow- a biased piece of shit article by a bitter little Ranger homer. No real insight, nothing interesting, just- garbage. No surprise in that!