Monday, August 18, 2008

Thought Of The Night

Larry Brooks claims to have sources that say Mats Sundin wants to come to New York. His agent denies them. At this point, its all speculation. I wouldn't be shocked if Mats retires from the NHL and plays at home just long enough to captain Sweden to the 2010 Olympic gold medal. But if he does want to come back, and if it is to New York then the Rangers will be forced to make a move. Colorado fans on Hfboards broached the idea of taking Chris Drury off of our hands and that wouldn't be a bad idea for either team involved. The Rangers would get Sundin, while the Aves would get a fantastic replacement for Joe Sakic, should Burnaby Joe indeed call it a career. Drury put in a solid season on Broadway and could very well be the captain here should he stick around but he doesn't bring the star power (and offense) that Sundin would.

Personally, I don't care either way - I am still upset over the Zherdev deal ... and the Redden signing ... and the Naslund signing. But let's go Rangers!

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