Sunday, August 17, 2008

NHL Four-cast: Colorado Avalanche

1 - Why is this team worth watching? Because Scott Parker is on their team and he is one scary lookin' dude. But seriously, while I don't hail Paul Stastny as a all-powerful hockey god like Kevin over at BMR, the fact remains that Peter's son is pretty damn special. They also should have an agitating edge thanks to father of the year Ian Laperriere, who will be joined by the former chief punk on that Toronto team, Darcy "It is NOT a girl's name" Tucker. There may also be that Joe Sakic guy, but he appears to be undergoing a Selanne-esque crisis of faith, and that Peter Forsberg guy, but he just can't stay out of the trainer's room.

2 - Are they better or worse than last year? Worse. Paris Hilton's boytoy Jose Theodore had some terrible seasons but he stepped it up last year (final year of his contract, typical) and actually played like a starting goaltender. He left to replace Huet in DC and the Aves replaced him with Andrew Raycroft. While I don't think Raycroft was nearly as bad as the Toronto media and fans made him out to be, unless he steps up his play significantly, Colorado is entering the season with two back-up goaltenders. And while super-skilled T.J. Hensick will get a legit chance to play with the big boys, the Aves didn't do anything to improve their offense or at least make up for the loss of Andrew Brunette. I guess they just hope that Ryan Smyth's head can be put back on.

3 - Who should YOU draft in fantasy? Stastny is the only sure thing. Until they make public announcements, Sakic and Forsberg are tough choices. You would be gambling if you went after former sure-thing Milan Hejduk, who sees the end is near. Smyth, Svatos and Wolski could all provide some late-round points, provided they stay healthy. Hensick had six goals in 31 games, four on the power play, so if he has matured, he may be a good dark horse. Having Adam Foote on defense will be a good crutch for the goaltenders but Raycroft or Petr Budaj aren't worth more than a third-string spot on your team.

4 - What is the best instance of self-expression in the NHL? The back of Budaj's goalie mask. Budaj has Ned Flanders holding the Slovak flag - shows his patriotism, devotion to his faith and sense of humour all at once. Good stuff.

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