Friday, August 15, 2008

MSG Fans' Most Wanted

I randomly got an e-mail from a random person who didn't put who they were working for alerting me, and all of you, to MSG's Fans' Most Wanted finale tonight with the all-time top six Rangers. Here is the e-mail:
Wanted to reach out to let you and your readers know that tomorrow (Friday, August 15th), there will be a very special episode of FANS’ MOST WANTED on the MSG channel. The show will be devoted to the Rangers all-time starting 6 as voted by the fans! Watch highlights of the dream team's greatest plays, biggest stars and nastiest rivalries on Friday, August 15 at 8:00 p.m. on MSG.
For photos, videos, and more info about FANS' MOST WANTED: NY Rangers, head here:
Also, here’s a link to a trailer for the show:
Have a great day!!
Carrie Lynch
Now, it is nice that this person has reached out, but it came in totally randomly and at the end of the season for FMW. The series, if you haven't watched it, is a random clip show hosted by Sam Rosen where they talk about the Fans' Most Wanted Rivalries, Goals, Saves, etc.

FMW is nice, except it didn't actually interview or include the fans or current players in the half hour shows. They put it together based on online polls and it was Sam talking to clips. How boring.

It was a fun way to keep hockey on the air over the summer but I think that MSG should put out programs to educate the fans. It is too late now, so for next year my pitch is to have a series of one hour programs called NYR Summer School. There is more than 80 years of history to cover that many people have no idea about and when better to educate people then when they are home?

But back to the present, and the FMW. I am going to miss it and catch a later replay but feel free to fill everyone in in the comments as to who the All-Time Starting Six are. My guess? Graves, Messier, Gilbert, Leetch, Beukaboom and Richter.

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Anonymous said...

I won't ruin it for you except to say Renney finished 2nd in voting for coaches so it wasn't exactly the most legitimate choices. To be fair, that was the most outlandish thing in my view so they didn't do quite as bad as I might imply, but that was a shock for me.