Thursday, September 6, 2007

Candygram For Mongo

Now everyone who reads this knows that I dislike Cindy Crosby but begrudgingly respect his skills. But between the genius of the Pittsburgh p.r. people and his own charisma, he seems to be doing his damnedest to make me love him.

That charming bastard:
Crosby, the NHL's reigning scoring champion and MVP, was one of six Penguins players who hand-delivered season tickets to 24 homes around the Pittsburgh area today. The others were forwards Evgeni Malkin, Colby Armstrong and Maxime Talbot, defenseman Ryan Whitney and goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury.

The team chose the full- and half-season ticket holders randomly. To ensure the fans would be home, they were told a player would deliver their goodie box -- with the tickets, a highlight video, pocket schedules and other items -- but not which player.

That is so cool; the full article is here, and much thanks to the guys on HFboards for the find. EDIT: The Pens have added videos of the visits to their website. I am so envious!

Hmmm, think the Rangers will ever do that??? Jagr? Hahahahahaha!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Call the Ducks front office! Maybe Scotty Wafflemayer can canvas the Orange County subscribers and have poolside heart-to-hearts on whether he HAS indeed peaked and should simply go home to wait for the Hall to call. Or if he should like totally give the Ducks like another chance to you know repaeat and like win the Big One.

In the meantime, send Coach Renney to my place with my tickets. I've got some PP formations to go over with him :-)