Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sam the Man

I regularly jock Sam Weinman's Rangers Report blog here at Scotty Hockey. The lead hockey and golf writer for The Journal News (a Westchester rag), Weinman combines an easy-to-read writing style with the passion and wonder of a Rangers fan.

Today he posted a camp update with a nice interview with Sean Avery. The best part, at least for hockey geeks like myself, is that Weinman figured out last year how to post audio clips so you can sit and listen to the actual interviews that he holds. Of course, Avery's is a fun one and worth listening to if you have nine minutes. If you don't, he seems not to be taking Sather's harsh words during arbitration to heart and is looking forward to the season. He still jokes around, he is still honest to a fault and, according to Sam, he now rocks a mohawk. I knew I liked this guy when he was on the Wings, and now that he is a Ranger I think he may take over as my favourite player now that Jed is gone to Nashville.

But its early yet so who knows, I really enjoyed watching Ryan Callahan last year and now that he is a Ranger, it will be great to root for real American hero, the Little League champion himself, Chris Drury. It should be an exciting season ... is it October 4th yet?!?

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