Saturday, September 8, 2007

Killed By The Cure

The Cure have decided to cancel their fall tour.

Why am I upset?

I am not some faggy goth kid, I don't listen to the band for inspiration and I only like a few of their songs. But, they had a show booked at Madison Square Garden on September 23rd so the Rangers were forced to book their first two home preseason games on back-to-back nights - the 21st and 22nd ... which happen to both be Jewish holidays. And then they wuss out of the tour and the Rangers can't reschedule.

While I don't care for Parrotheads, Jimmy Buffet has a three night stand on the 18th-20th and you can be sure his drunk ass will show up for all of them.

The Rangers demand that season ticket holders pay for all of the preseason games and then schedule them on days that a significant minority of fans can't make it. Its New York after all ... lotsa Jews. And lotsa fans inconvenienced. All because of the Cure, who bitch out at the end. Screw Robert Smith.

Yeah, I'm bitter. At least there is Rangers Rewind on MSG so you can still expect updates and observations on the games here on my (not-so-) humble blog.


The Dark Ranger said...

Scotty, plenty of goyim with 25 bucks a ticket -- good luck in off-loading those pre-season puppies.

Boy, that Leafs jersey on The Cure is a keeper. I can just see Darcy Tucker falling asleep to Just Like Heaven...

The Dark Ranger

Anonymous said...

Between the Yankees and Mets heading towards the post-season and the Jets and football Giants starting their seasons, it's gonna be AWFULLY lonely at the Garden until November anyway.

Still, the Garden brass ought to know that Preseason is for the diehards who CARE about Lauri Korpikoski, Marc Staal, Alexei Cherepanov and other kids coming to the big city, trying to make it here, in New York, New York!

They really should have a "no fan left behind" policy and avoid booking any games on religious holidays.