Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Snip, Snip

The Rangers are down to 27 players left in camp after making some moves today (they have to be down to 23 for the regular season). As its almost my bedtime, here they are:

Forward -- Mark Smith: As I told you here several times, the former Shark had no shot of making this team but they brought him in just in case the kids weren't ready. They finally are showing some faith in their prospects which they hadn't by all of the Mike Peca talk earlier this summer.

PLAYERS REASSIGNED ON 9/27/07 - btw - I love how they pre-dated this, its like an eye into the future!
Goaltenders -- Miika Wiikman: Apparently he was Finnish League MVP two years back, maybe some time in Hartford will help him regain his form and turn him into nice trade bait.

Defense -- Michael Sauer: He will be a Ranger, and it may happen by the end of the season. I like this kid, he has played well at a tough spot on a crowded blueline.

Forwards -- Dane Byers, Francis Lessard, Lauri Korpikoski: If you have been reading regularly, I like Byers and think he will take Hollweg's job, but I guess Sather didn't think he was ready for that yet. Same with Korpikoski, who was a first round pick so he had better shape up soon or else turn into a Manny Malhotra-esque bust. Nothing against Manny, but first round picks need to turn into top six forwards, top four defensemen or starting goaltenders. And as for Lessard, he is a decent goon but the Rangers have faith in Colton Orr for some unknown reason so that screws Lessard (who looked like he skated better than Orr). Orr's presence really did a lot to discourage Simon the Barbarian the other night ...

And Sam over at Rangers Report is saying that Andy Hutchinson was also sent down but has to clear waiver first. Who cares, he was a throw in for the Rangers when they dumped Cullen's salary.

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