Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gar-Den Of Iniquity

Because Knicks coach Isiah Thomas has been in court dealing with harassment charges, and because (most) everyone loves pictures of attractive young women, I dug up the above picture out of my archives.

Much like Anucha Brown-Sanders, the captain of the Rangers City Skaters, Courtney Prince, also leveled a lawsuit against the Garden. Prince claimed she was fired after complaining to her bosses about X-rated come-ons by members of the team's public relations staff. The whole thing caused lot of drama and brought about the demise of the City Skaters. The brass said Prince was "sex-crazed" (like that's a bad thing) and she said they discriminated on sex appeal.

Now my opinions on ice girls are well known (they have no place in the game), so I am just going to direct you guys to Main St. USA's coverage where they have dug up a lot of material on the matter and even attack the Garden's lawyer of all things. Whatever. I just wanted to post the team photo, lol.

Can't we all just get along and just play/watch/enjoy some hockey?

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The Dark Ranger said...

Me like pictures of pretty girls in Rangers jerseys. I have found my fetish - thanks Scotty.