Thursday, December 27, 2007

18-15-4: What Did He Say To Them?

I know, I said I wouldn't get a post up tonight but that game was too good. I gotta get some of these thoughts out before trying to sleep. As you all can tell, I am a big fan of Slap Shot and to borrow a line from the locker room scene after the Hanrahan fight, "Hey Reg! What did you say to him?!?" In this case, Reg is Renney because I gotta know what Tom said to the Rangers after the second period.

The team on the ice for the first period was alright, keeping pace with the quicker Hurricanes. The team on the ice for the second period embodied much of the Rangers issues thus far this season, prompting me to look up in shock after the period to find that we were down just 2-1, rather than 5-1 because they played that poorly. Now the team that was on ice for the third period, that team can win the Stanley Cup. The intensity, passion, passing, shooting and goaltending were all elite. It was incredible. It was awe-inspiring. It was ... the Rangers?!?! I sure as hell hope so, because this team will need to play like that a lot more often if it is to rise above the tough Eastern Conference and get a shot at that treasured silver chalice.

Some really quick notes:
*Best wishes go out to Matt Cullen. For those that didn't see it, here is the YouTube. The hit looked like it was Eric Lindros-like in terms of concussion, especially with how hard Cull hit the ice. They say he is ok with just a broken nose and slight concussion but fingers crossed that it is not one of those concussions that will come back to haunt him the next time he is hurt.

*However, I do not understand the officiating. First off, in all my years watching hockey, I have never seen, nor heard of a five minute major for interference. The idiot colour guy for the Rangers said it was a new rule this year, but regardless - reviewing the play there should have been no penalty at all on Orr. He didn't elbow Cullen and Cullen had the puck = incidental contact. Sorry. To quote a fellow Ranger fan, "it should be zebra season!"

*Also on the same play, Mike Commodore - he of the bad perm - jumped Colton Orr to defend his teammate. I understand that. I appreciate that. I also think that it perfectly defines the instigator penalty. Orr wasn't out to pick a fight, he hit a guy and was jumped by Commodore. Yes he fought back, yes he is a goon, but he didn't mutually agree to the fight, Commodore slammed him into the boards and started wailing (at least from my seat). INSTIGATOR.

*Sean Avery ... buddy ... I love ya. I love what you do for the Rangers. I love watching you play. I do think you should be suspended for going after Andrew Ladd (of all people) while the linesmen clearly were not allowing you to fight. Continuing to punch was a idiotic, selfish, stupid move and you deserve to be punished. Sadly, with the Rangers the way they are, you getting punished hurts us all so thanks. Moron.

*I said that I will give Scott Gomez credit when he starts being consistent. A 10 game point streak and back-to-back all-around impressive efforts earned some of that credit. Not $7 mill worth, but a nice start. Just remember, there already is a Scotty Hockey in this town, pal ...

*The back-to-back huge saves that Hank made late in the third period would be the saves of some goaltender's career. They weren't even his best save of the year (Marc Savard in Boston). That's why we coroneted him the King.

*Everyone is so quick to boo Malik - myself included - but Mara and Rozy have been just as atrocious in the Rangers end (as Ak pointed out the other day. These guys will have to tighten up of else the rumours of the Rangers trading for Adam Foote will come true and we will overpay for the aging defensive defenseman.

*Going back to the point I made up at the top, Jagr was one of the players to turn things around and show his better side in the third period. I still question his heart and dedication, laugh at his lack of defensive effort and feel that he doesn't deserve the C, but when he actually puts it in gear, he truly is one of the greatest to play the game. Too bad that is so, so, so very rare.

*PHW Three Stars
3-Chris Drury - goal and an assist
2-Gomez - two assists
1-Jagr - two goals

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Dan Girardi - solid with the puck, tough on the boards and in the corners and netted a great goal - the eventual game-winner - as well as an assist. Have I mentioned that he is my favourite Ranger lately? (Along with Ryan Callahan, who is beginning to find his form again.)
2-Gomez - again, give credit where it is due. He finally is beginning to assert himself.
1-Rangers Penalty Killers - that goes for all of them, especially Bettsy and even Malik (ugh, that hurt to say). Even with allowing a ppg against, the effort throughout was astounding, amazing and won the game for the Rangers.


Brother P said...

very pleased with the result last night. Now what I would really love is to see this for more then a few games. How about a streak of 8 out 10 or something along those lines.

The Dark Ranger said...

As long as the 'other' Scotty lives in Jersey, there will always be room for the Scotty Hockey. Just remember, your blog makes more money than him, so keep up the good work. lol.

You beat me to it, Scotty -- you swore off the blog until today - you must have disappointed yourself by announcing such blasphemy.

Henrik was remarkable at the end, that stick save. Jagr was the 'Jagr of old' and it was awe-inspiring, that third period was the system we should be playing at all times: taking it to the net, dirty, ugly and winning goals. Jagr's first goal was so un-Jagr he is listening to someone. I think Shanny has a lot to do with it. I will find out.

Toronto is a biggie this Saturday if Avery isn't suspended. I do believe the Orr mis-call and AVery's misbehavior will be a 'wash' as both were extreme.

Ciou, Scotty of Pre-Gomez!


Anonymous said...

Scotty, first of all the rangers record you posted is incorrect, they are 18-5-4, not 18-16-4. Also, I guess it would be asking too much to give one of your coveted "stars" to someone who had two goals and played a monster game. Not only that, but Jagr has been returning to his old self in the last few games, as he has meshed with Straka and Gomez. It is only a matter of time before Jagr explodes, and I can guarantee he will finish with at least 30 goals. As for Gomez, you are finally giving him some credit, but not nearly as much as he deserves, especially considering he has consistently produced even with the line changes.

Scotty Hockey said...

Brother - Wouldn't that be nice??

TDR - Haha, blog makes money. That's a good one! Wouldn't that be nice? Get paid for this. I could only imagine (and pray).

And Matt - A couple of things: First off, you put down the wrong number, but you were absolutely correct in that I had the Rangers record wrong. As I celebrated my post #200, I put in the incorrect record and it snowballed from there. They have all been fixed, thanks for pointing that out, seriously.

My "coveted 'stars'" are for players whose hard work and dedication stand out. Jagr didn't work particularly hard, he just shot the puck (finally). Don't get me wrong, I love that he regained a bit of his old touch, but I do not think that he has given maximum effort or anything close to it. As for him hitting 30, I wouldn't be surprised as that's 21 over the remaining 45 games and there are plenty of softball teams in there (if the Rangers are playing half decently). However, he likely won't hit 40 goals or 84 points so enjoy worshiping at his feet now, because he won't be back next season.

Woodside Acres said...

Great game last night. How could such a good team continue to be inconsistent? By the way, was that you last night with the Black NYR Scotty Hockey jersey.

The Dark Ranger said...

Scotty...thanks for the tip...I've corrected my Marek statement and credited you...well f**k me, you can only trade and dump for the full salary amount.