Wednesday, December 12, 2007

16-12-3: Rangers Get Mugged In DC

I had considered going down to DC for this game but did that last year and decided to save the cash. Good move. So I had the same view as most everyone else, sitting at home, watching MSG (and trying to ignore Joe's horrible commentary). So onto some things I saw:

*I missed parts of the first period but caught Colton Orr fighting Donald Brashear for no reason. Even Sam asked why the hell were they fighting and (shockingly) Joe didn't have a good answer, if only because he didn't want to say that they were doing it to justify their paychecks. Colt got his ass kicked, but that's what happens when a middleweight takes on a heavyweight.

*I think I am going to find a good source for post-game highlights so I can post a link so everyone can take a look at the plays I rant about. Unfortunately I don't have Final Cut and a dvd burner so I can't do it myself. Maybe eventually. That would be time consuming but fun. What do you think?

*I gotta say, I've dogged both Mara and Gomez but the goal they created to open the scoring was purty. At the same time, its really, really sad that such a distinguished statesman of hockey like Ollie the Goalie is stuck in the mess that is the Washington franchise. He gets no help on a nightly basis from the absolute worst defensive corps in the NHL. Tom Poti is their number one? Hahahahahahahahahaha.

*And as sad as that is, why the hell is Ovie the guy running around hitting people for the Caps? I love how he won't let anything get between him and the puck but really, some of those minor league grinders should be the one laying down the hits. Jagr doesn't hit people, Hollweg does ... oh wait, nevermind, that is a different story (see below for rant on Jagr).

*Oh baby, that second Rangers goal was pretty. So for all the folks who said Chris Drury needs to be with Jags and Straka, that goal was created by Dubi, who made the fantastic first pass to Jagr. Just because he is young and still has things to learn, doesn't mean he should be replaced by a veteran. Didn't you people learn anything about the Rangers over the decade prior to the lockout?

*Five minutes into the second period Pru had a clear chance to go in for a scoring chance and instead pulle dup looking for a pass. The damn kid needs a better mentor than Jaromir Jagr. Although if more guys start doing it, maybe we can call the CDC and they can take Jags away like that monkey in "Outbreak." Its pathetic when he gets stripped of the puck on the power play by f-ing Dave Steckel. Jagr is by far the laziest player on the Rangers when it comes to on-ice play. What a shame.

*One of the options in trivia (the trick answer) was James Patrick. I loved him as a Ranger, one of my top five of all time. He was a solid defenseman at both ends of the ice who knew the game and played with heart. It won't ever happen, but it would be nice to see him back with the Rangers as a coach (he is with Buffalo now as an assistant to Lindy Ruff).

*Man, the Rangers could use a guy like Patrick on the blueline nowadays. Tyutin's terrible turnover led to the Caps' go-ahead goal and this is embarassing. Granted Ovie's deflection was awesome, but the Caps shouldn't have even had possession. If the Rangers are playing this poorly against the Caps, how will they fare against Minnesota and Colorado next week?? *shudder*

*Ah, another game, another horrifying display by the Rangers power play. If I was the opposing coach, I would send players out there to injure a Ranger and get sent to the box. That way one of the opponents are hurt and my team is guaranteed a few scoring opportunities.

*At this point in my ranting, its 4-4 and the Rangers are really playing an undisciplined run-and-gun that could only end up poorly ... and it nearly did. The Caps pressed and pressed and, that Green kid nearly won it for them. My nerves can't hold up to an entire season like this.

*Wow did that ending suck. Guess it was karma for Green to score. Hank was horrible; he knew the pass was going across and just didn't get over there and make the stop. A shame that we got the same goaltender who played against the Leafs rather than the one who played against the Devils ...

*If not for the dedication that Dolan has to his people (Isiah), I would say that Tom Renney would be fired. Listening to his post-game comments he really threw his hands up and said his players were "not too bright" even though the coaches prepared them for the Caps and how they would play. I am confounded and astounded that things have gotten so bad, Renney makes it sound like the players won't listen to him anymore. After hearing him mic'd last week, he seems to know his stuff so all of the responsibility should go to the lazy jackass who wears the C.

*PHW Three Stars - they clearly do these things well in advance of the end of the game ...
3-Marty Straka - two goals
2-Green - goal and two assists
1-Joe Motzko - two goals

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Shanny - he stood up and admitted the Rangers shouldn't have won. It wasn't his misstep that lost the game for the team and his deflection goal was purty.
2-Green - fate had him score the game winner and he moved the puck well all night long
1-Ovechkin - the guy is a force. He hit, he passed, he shot, and he scored. Truly one of hockey's biggest stars.


Brother P said...

Rangers miss Avery. That is all

Anonymous said...

Question for the masses??.. Are there any rumbles or trades, or releases??.. This team needs a shot in the arm. Shannahan is doing as much as he can. I mean Jagr is not a leader, if he hangs his head any lower he runs the risk of it being chopped off. Thanks again .