Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Throwing Out The Garbage

What a day to be a fan of the New York Rangers. Not just one, but two annoying thorns in our side are gone.

First off Simon the Barbarian got a 30 game suspension. It clearly isn't enough, but at least its a start. So maybe the next time he does something stupid, circa March when the Rangers play the Isles. That way he will do something else stupid and be gone by the April games, which will likely be meaningful - if only to eliminate the Isles from the playoffs. Let's just hope his stupid act - whatever it will be - won't actually kill one of the Rangers.

And from one maniac to another, Ben Eager was dealt by the Flyers. That little psycho went to Chicago so the Rangers won't have to deal with his particularly loathsome pestering anymore. Granted, the Flyers got big, tough defenseman Jim Vandermeer back, and probably will bring up Steve Downie, who will be a huge pest for a long time to come. But better to have to deal with just him rather than him and Eager.

Hasta la bye bye, happy trails, don't let the Zamboni door hit you on your way out ...

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Woodside Acres said...

I take it you don't like Simon're right. However, I would be hard pressed to think that the Islanders would be stupid enough to allow him back this season. What does that say about them?