Saturday, December 15, 2007

Good Games, Bad Games

Some people may hold up tomorrow's game against the Phoenix Coyotes as a reason to decry the NHL's upcoming schedule changes. 'I would rather see the Islanders or Flyers again rather than the crappy Coyotes.' Well, they aren't that crappy, but that isn't my point.

My point is that for every game like Phoenix, there is a San Jose. The Rangers play the Sharks on Sunday, February 17th, and I can't friggin' wait. Sitting at work today I have to cover the Sharks Stars game and through one period it is already one of the most exciting games I have seen all year (and its just 1-0). San Jose is a really well rounded team of big, smooth skating players. They move the puck well, block pucks well, hit well ... I have got to say that I am impressed.

They play pretty much how I wish the Rangers would play. The entire team plays the same way, playing as cohesive units, get into open spaces and shoot. The Rangers ... well ... don't. But who knows, there is always tomorrow's game, right?

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