Sunday, December 2, 2007

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Baaaack

No, I'm not singing to welcome back that '70s shmuck Cotter, I am happy to say that Fernando Pisani returned to the Edmonton Oilers tonight. After a horrible flare up forced him to lose 30 pounds and miss the first two months of the season, Pisani gave the finger to colitis and worked his way back to the NHL. He played just 12:43 but it was enough to inspire Edmonton to actually win a game. The Oil beat the Quack attack 4-0 in Anaheim.

Pisani is a hard working player who came through in the clutch for Edmonton - helping them to the 2005 Stanley Cup Finals where they so narrowly lost to Carolina. On the way he scored 14 goals, five of which were game winning, one of which was shorthanded in overtime and caused many Alberta babies to be born nine months later.

As with anyone who battles a terrible disease and wins, we here at Scotty Hockey couldn't be happier seeing him back on the ice and are heartened by his drive to live his life.

Go Go Fernando; welcome back!

Edit: The Edmonton Sun has a really nice article on his return, check it out!

Another Edit: You know, being out on the freezing plains of Alberta must really get to people. As much as I appreciate Fernando, he is no Chuck Norris, but apparently one Edmontonian thinks he has the same powers ...

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Loser Domi said...

I'm with you on this one--anyone who battles a terrible disease and comes back to kick some ass is a-ok in my book!