Thursday, December 13, 2007

We Gotta Jump All Over These Guys

After stinking more in DC than all of the homeless who wander that dumpy city, the Rangers will return and take on the Phoenix Coyotes. Phoenix is taking on the Isles tomorrow (Thursday) and yet posted a video on their home page about being excited to play in MSG. Guess the Mausoleum doesn't hold the same kind of appeal, mysticism, intimidation, whatever.

I don't know about the puppet who opens it, but its a fun piece. Since the video player is acting weird, just click here to check it out!

Louis DeBrusk! We traded him for Mark Messier! And having Gretz back in the building will be great too. For those interested, McFarlane is making a statue of his last skate around the Garden ice. Pretty cool!


Woodside Acres said...

cant wait till Sunday! I hope they do something nice for Gretz. His number will eventually be retired, though I am sure not before Leetch.

The Dark Ranger said...

looking forward to the game...we have to BEAT Phoenix into the ground with this one. Otherwise, hope is lost.