Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hypocrisy In Hockey

The NHL has decided to allow goon Brandon Sugden to play this season. Sugden signed retirement papers with the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2006 but was invited to join the New York Islanders training camp. One little thing there, NHL rules state that a player must sit out a full year of professional hockey before being eligible to return from retirement. After retiring from the NHL, he "played" in the LNAH, that Quebec goon league. He had 37 fights in that league, 24 less than the leader but 10 more than Jared Boll, who led the NHL. All 30 NHL teams voted whether to allow Sugden back into the league and four said no. That should have been that but the league listened to his pathetic sob story and decided to break their own rules and let him back.

I know the Isles are left bottom trolling for talent, but to make a big deal of a minor goon like this clown is ridiculous. I am not heartless, I feel bad for his dad, but that should have nothing to do with it.

Bettman and the NHL are clearly against fighting (no matter what they say) so to let a former drug addict in just to make a dying man happy is insane. I don't know if they noticed, but Sugden was banned from a minor league for attacking a fan! The only thing Sugden is capable of doing on the ice is hurting players with actual skill. The NHL had psychos like him before - John Kordic, Link Gaetz, etc. - and have clearly discouraged one-dimensional maniacs since. So why now? Does the league really miss Chris Simon's inexcusable acts that they will allow another homicidal barbarian to join their ranks?

This is a tremendous mistake and I eagerly await the first Islanders/Penguins game so this lunatic can injure the NHL's golden child and give the league what they deserve.


7th Woman said...

Scotty... no one said he would actually MAKE the team, it was just unfair that he wasn't given the opportunity to TRY. That's what everyone was asking for. Just the opportunity.

Scotty Hockey said...

C'mon D, he had the opportunity to play professional hockey. He blew it, and they gave him a second chance when they overturned his LIFETIME suspension. Then he blew it again when he turned his back on the game to go home. That's it, done is done. Why does he get chance after chance, who is he, Billy Tibbets??

Kevin said...

Um... the Rangers used to employ Simon (albeit a brief time), McCarty, Purinton and that psycho Cloutier. They didn't attack fans, but they weren't the best role models either.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scotty, I checked out the goon league web site, it is in a foreign language. Do they have an english translation. It looks like a "GOON" league.

HockeyFightFan said...

You're an idiot, this guy is fighting for his dying dad, and you're calling him "clown",etc? Sugden is a legend while you're just another stupid and heartless internet-clown.