Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tis the Season For Voting ...

Given the immediate backlash towards Wednesday's design, I figured I would try a different template this evening. This one isn't as jumbled or childish looking, at least so I think. But I am not sure on the background colour, you tell me! Comments below and poll on the right ...



Anonymous said...


I think the size/color of the main text is what is causing some people to vote 'do it all over'.

The blog, in general, appears much more bulky than it was before. And the text style clashes with the background making it almost an eyesore to try and read.

Simplicity is key... it looks like you almost tried to 'jazz up' the blog a bit and in my opinion (Read: Random nobody trying to construe constructive criticism via internet anonymity) and it just didnt work out the way you hoped.

The content itself is stellar, as usual. Keep up the great work... I'll still be reading regardless of the style.

Anonymous said...

I'd say go back to how it was, this is a bit of an eyesore as Chris said. Never had a problem with the old one.

Anonymous said...


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