Friday, September 5, 2008

Interesting Note ... put up a preview article for the Victoria Cup, the match between the New York Rangers and Metallurg Magnitogorsk in Switzerland on October 1st. The full text is here but the best news is this:
In order to foster the best competition, Szemberg said a provision was added to the contract stating how many rookies or minor-league players the Rangers would be allowed to play. That alleviates any concern that New York would treat the exhibition as a showcase for some of their up-and-comers while resting some of their regulars.

"This is specified so a team can't come with their America Hockey League lineup," Szemberg said. "When discussing this, the Rangers and the NHLPA people said, 'We are not bringing over a minor-league team.' We realize that if the Rangers want to test a promising rookie, why shouldn't they? But, they not test 11 promising rookies."

I had pulled out my new Hartford Wolfpack jersey to bring with me to Switzerland but I can rest assured that I will indeed be watching at least some of the big boys. And you can expect my usual post-game insight/ramblings here from Bern as I will be there for both the exhibition against SC Bern and the Victoria Cup. As I mentioned before, I had to pass on Prague because the Rangers couldn't guarantee tickets without me buying a $3 or 4k package ... Booooooo.

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