Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's Get The Fan Club Going ...

I was quite pleased when the Rangers signed Aaron Voros and after reading the article on him on the Ranger homepage, I am positively pumped. Voros is saying all the right things and, having watched about a dozen Wild games last season, I think he will back them up on the ice. I even don't mind that he is taking John Vanbiesbrouck's No. 34. Jason Strudwick treated it well as a stand-up, hard working guy - even in taking on Voros last year - and Voros should continue the legacy. He has overcome bone cancer, is willing to crash the net and he defends his teammates.

So let's get this guy a good nickname and start the fan club.

How about "Vicious" Voros? You tell me, use the comments to add your $0.02!

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