Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scotty's Swiss Diary Part 2

7:30 am, Tuesday, September 30th
My body is so twisted turned and upside down that I haven't been able to sleep much - thus I am awake at this hour. Actually, I've been up for four hours watching MTV Europe, CNN and German sports. There was a Swiss Sportscenter-ish show on another channel and it seemed to have a nice preview to today's Rangers v. Bern game and an additional feature piece on Christian Dube but both were in German, so I really have no idea. The Rangers homepage also has an article up on him here.

Speaking of Christians, I sign on today and Backman had a goal and an assist for Columbus last night??? What is going on? Toots had a goal and two assists as well in the 7-1 blowout of the Hawks so congratulations to him. Backman ... *shakes head*

I also just read that the Islanders claimed Thomas Pock. It is a damn shame because I always thought Pock was a solid player and he gave the Rangers the option to move him to offense if pressed - like Jason Studwick last season. It is good for him and good for the Islanders but, of course, I loathe them so I hope they both rot. He will join Mitch Fritz on the fishermen, who I still can't believe jumped ship after collecting a Hartford paycheck last season while being injured.

More later!

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Anonymous said...

Backman has been just fine thus far for Columbus. He has shown much more in his own end than anyone ever expected AND his skills with the puck are very good too. Tyutin is just a flat out stud.