Friday, August 17, 2007

Ah, hahahahahahaha

Now we knew that the NHL's turn to RBK and their new, sleeker uniform would result in redesigns, but I can't contain my glee to see that the Islanders chose this as their new jerseys. These, frankly, look ridiculous!

The outlined shoulders, the multicolour sleeves, and the rip off of the Sabres (numbers on the front) really makes for an ugly jersey. Personally I think these rival the pumpkin third jersey ... but of course falls a little bit short of the fisherman - nothing compares to that, not even the Canucks Flying V ...

And to top it off, not only does the jersey look silly, they caught DP making a silly face, which adds to the hilarity. Not to mention having Brendan Witt also model it, out on the beach no less (see it here and here.! Hahahahaha ... dimwit(t).

I am so glad this franchise is a joke, I just wish that they didn't let my boy Poti go!

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The Dark Ranger said...

This is brilliant. And to coincide with this coming season makes it even more brilliant.

I feel the same way.

HE eh he he he he he ehe he e .
Brilliant timing.

The Dark Ranger