Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Mediocre New Jersey

Well, that is it - the new jersey for the Vancouver Canucks. The jerseys carry the most recent orca logo on the front and the original hockey stick emblem on the shoulders and are in the same blue, green and white colours the Canucks originally wore.

It was unveiled today and I think it would be pretty good if not for the useless VANCOUVER in block lettering at the top. I still don't get why they feel the need to pimp their Orca Bay company with the whale logo; it isn't like anyone outside of geeks like me know that it is corporate ... whatever. More on the new design here.

Since I forgot to post it when it came out, below is the bland new Tampa Bay Jerseys. So bland, so boring ... I am just glad the NHL decided not to screw up the Original Six sweaters ...

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