Monday, August 6, 2007

More Stupidity From The Isles

From good promotions (below) to bad ones (right).

The Islanders actually paid money to put their logo on a stock car this last weekend. The details are here. The driver, some lower tier guy named John Graham, finished in 23rd, three laps down. Hopefully around the same place the Isles will finish this year.

In a more serious note, this is just a bad idea. Is a racing fan, even in Canada, going to be drawn to the team because some idiot had a small logo on the side of his car? It wasn't the primary logo, and it was in a Busch series race, not even NASCAR. So a secondary hockey team advertised in a secondary car race? While appropriate, its still ridiculous that an NHL team would stoop to this to try to cross-promote. It also goes towards Bettman's desire to attempt to market the game to southern-based Americans, or rednecks, who frankly don't give a shit.

If the league insists on something like this (and they shouldn't), then they should at least market it properly - rednecks tune in to watch cars bump and crash, so cut a fast-paced commercial focusing on checking and fighting. Don't put your crappy logo on the side of a car that doesn't have a chance of winning. You really want to be associated with a loser?

Common sense people, common sense.

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Anonymous said...

You obviously don't listen to XMs Home Ice. If you did, you'd know there are plenty of red necks who "give a shit" about the NHL.