Saturday, August 11, 2007

Isles Replace Hill, I'm Still Not Impressed

So with their druggie, I mean, gritty defensive leader gone to Minnesota (who, by the way, is still full of shit), the Islanders signed lumbering defenseman Andy Sutton.

Sutton is 6'6 and blocks a ton of shots. One can hope that by doing so he will throw off DP or deflect a few past the pain-in-the-ass whiner. But Sutton is also the slow-of-foot joke that the Rangers went around and through on their way to sweeping the Thrashers last year. Sutton isn't particularly tough, he got into one fight last year and that was against Olli Jokinen of all people.

Now from new Isles to old ones - Mike Peca. There are a ton of rumours that the Rangers may be interested in him to be the third line center. This would be a HUGE mistake for many reasons: He hasn't been good since he was on Buffalo. He is slow. He is old. He has had several injuries and doesn't play as fearless as he once did. Oh, and he is a rude scumbag (I interviewed him once, I experienced it firsthand). The Rangers need to let Dubi, Anisimov and Brodie Dupont fight it out in training camp. We should let the kids give it a shot rather than waste money on a geezer like Peca-head. We already learned the lesson that great teams are built, not bought.

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The Dark Ranger said...

Peca is old and tired, but consider last season he only played 35 games due to injury, but in the three previous seasons he played in 71, 76 and 66 games. He is still good on the penalty kill and can hit 'em to make it feel good.