Saturday, August 18, 2007

Where Is The New Blood?

A story that I missed from earlier this week was the promotion of Ron Low from goalie coach to assistant coach for the Ottawa Senators. The 57-year-old Low is a former head coach of the Edmonton Oilers and New York Rangers who has been with the Senators for four seasons. Low, if you remember, was the Rangers head coach at the beginning of the millennium and led the team to losing records and early tee times both seasons he had the job. Granted Sather didn't give him a lot to work with, but he still looked clueless and frustrated every game.

Ok, I understand him as a goalie coach - Low was a goaltender when he played 20 years ago (not that the position or the game has changed any since then). He appeared to have done a good job reining in Ray Emery's wild streak and helped him mature into a top goon, I mean, goaltender.

But to promote the guy as an assistant as a reward is a mistake. This guy was utterly incompetent when he was a head coach, so as an assistant to new coach John Paddock (who was also inept in his first trial as an NHL head coach back with the Jets) is just a bad move. And as I just looked over this and looked at the records both coaches put up (Low and Paddock), I change my stance and applaud the move by Ottawa!

Yes! Please, hire these incompetent retreads! It will make it that much easier for the Senators to fall from Stanley Cup Finalists to has-beens and will make the road that much easier for the Rangers to raise the Cup! Let's Go Rangers!

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