Thursday, December 20, 2007

17-14-3: Marian Gaborik Goes Wild

So I am really not sure how I can sum up the Rangers 6-3 loss. I will try, in one word ... undisciplined? nah ... Oscar-worthy? nah, just Josh Harding is deserving there ... exciting? mmmm, not if you were a New York fan, since it was obvious the outcome early ... ok, I have it ... Gaborik!

*Dude, Marian Gaborik had a six point game with five goals. Wow. He played a helluva game, and I don't want to take anything away from that, but at the same time, it was Ranger breakdowns that put him in the position to rack up that many points. He just took advantage of the situation ... again and again and again and again and again.

*Jagrsupporter, MinnesotaMatt, all of you blind supporters of the Rangers fair captain: OPEN YOUR EYES. Jagr's laziness and lack of passion for play embodied itself yet again, as he gave the puck over to the Wild and then stood there as they scored their first goal of the game. I can overlook a captain who doesn't speak much if they lead by example - Steve Yzerman, Nick Lidstrom, Joe Sakic, Brendan Morrow, Guy Carbonneau, etc. But I can't find anything of worth in Jagr's game and thus his leadership. Wearing the C brings with it responsibility and yelling at Rozy once and sulking the rest of the time doesn't quite do the trick.

*Ok kids, for those youngsters out there, take a look at the performance by Gaborik. Jagr used to be able to do that. A long, long time ago. Nowadays Gaborik is a dynamic scorer while Jagr has to rely on lucky bounces to put up points. No, I am not giving him any credit for his assist on the Rangers second goal, I don't think he was trying to get it to Straka, just to the crease. Straka did the work on that one.

*I said it many times at the end of last season and the beginning of this one, I am definitely in the Dan Girardi fan club. I will be getting a jersey of his in the near future (once I get some overtime pay for these holidays). I still have love, even if he blew it in front on Gabby's fourth goal. But that was as much Drury's fault as Girardi's.

*I have had this battle a number of times, but I really do think that Minnesota's Christmas coloured jerseys are rather awesome. They look like old school sweaters and go well with the wilderness-themed squad ...

*You know, I already can't stand Joe Micheletti but for MSG to waste trivia with such a stupid question as who scored more as a Gopher - him or his two brothers - really, really pisses me off. Trivia has become a tradition with my dad and I but we didn't even waste our time on this one. Who cares? Its a Rangers game, not the Joe Micheletti show.

*Poor Petr Prucha. The guy can't find his scoring touch yet continues to excel in his role as the NHLs punching bag. Even though Renney actually yelled at the refs for once, he was wrong, there was no intentional elbow on the play. Its nice that Renney did it, but it cost the Rangers a stupid penalty and a second stupid power play goal.

*Brent Burns, who hammered Pru, showed the entire NHL how to beat the Rangers. He used his big size to his advantage, knocking the puck off Rangers sticks with ease while hitting everything that moves. As the Isles showed earlier this year, if you are more physical than the Rangers it takes them out of the game. Burns did it by himself, standing out on every shift.

*You know, you have to admire Jason Strudwick's heart and dedication. I really think he should be made a player/coach. But I do think that its sad that he is the one who has to stand up for his teammates, especially as he isn't much of a brawler. His battle with Voros was painful as Voros clearly didn't want to fight.

*I'm happy for Nigel Dawes, he scored with his dad in the crowd. That must have felt nice for them.

*Keep an eye out on The Dark Ranger's "Tom Renney Danger Meter" because it is going to go up. The Rangers took a ton of terrible penalties and undisciplined play like that is the fault of the coaching staff. You have to keep your team composed and he could not do that. He did have them playing solid hockey at even strength but at the end of the day the Rangers are the team that gave up five goals in one game to one guy.

*If Gabby can put up six points, I am scared to think about what Paul Stastny will do tomorrow ... oy ...

*And for once, these stars lists are nearly the same:
PHW Three Stars
3-Burns - one assist, one helluva hit on Pru
2-Demitra - two assists
1-Gabby - five goals, one assist

Scotty Hockey Three Stars:
3-Demitra - picture perfect passes, all night long.
2-Burns - singlehandedly got the Rangers off their game and sparked his team.
1-Gabby - he got six points in one game. SIX!!!!!


The Dark Ranger said...

Thanks for the 'shout-out' on the meter -- perhaps it will come across his desk at some point and, boy, i'd pay money to see his fear!

Great take on the game, is just so disappointing and uninspiring. Our blogs make it more exciting than it is most of the time.

One thing is for sure, we are seeing many discuss the 'coach' and 'captain' problems on the team -- a recurring theme for even the most optimistic of fans/bloggers.

That fella who defended the coach and captain and slammed your blog is so out of 'truth juice' -- his knowledge of hockey must be superior to yours and mine, that is, without watching any Rangers hockey this season.

Pete said...

I'll tell you one thing: I am so incredibly happy that other teams in the league (including Minnesota, apparently), are doing the "stick salute" at the end of the game. This way, when they beat the Rangers, I can pretend it was actually the Rangers that won. This little bit of delusional thinking should also help me get through the rest of the Islanders games this season.

Scotty Hockey said...

TDR - thanks for the kind words and I entirely agree. I have arguments at the game with people who are at their first game of teh year and start with me saying I should be nice to Jagr or Malik because they are so good. Malik scored that goal against Washington too, remember! lol.

And Peter - while I do think its nice that other teams have taken the salute, its a classy thing to do, but I never, ever, ever want to see the Islanders do it.

Pete said...

My point, exactly.