Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5-0-0: Great Win Under Sad Circumstances

Before we get to the game, why is it that MSG Network was able to dig up some b-roll of Alexei Cherepanov but the arena staff couldn't do anything aside from get one lousy photo? Still, they did hold a nice moment of silence, that was - of course - ruined by a cell phone going off in the lower bowl. Stupid yuppies.

Puck Daddy has a good wrap of the coverage of Cherry's passing. Sad, and possibly avoidable; how does the ambulance leave before the game is over?!? I would have thought that everyone would have learned from Sergei Zholtok's tragic passing ...

Well Alexei, we hardly knew ye, but rest in peace kiddo. Hope there are plenty of temptingly dressed mermaids wherever you are now.

Ok, let's move onto the Rangers vs. the Devils:

*Seeing that first goal flutter past Marty Brodeur made me flash back to Tommy Salo's Olympic gaffe. Couldn't have happened to a better goaltender. Mmmmmaaaaaaaarrrrrtttttyyyyyy.

*Aaron Voros is bringing exactly what the Rangers needed last season -a big body that is willing to pay the price to set up camp in the crease. On this night it paid off in two goals for the big man. I still think someone needs to start the fan club. And how great is it that he is channeling Nick Fotiu and actually throwing his puck into the crowd? Instead of just lobbing it to the rich kids in front, Voros winged it a little big higher up after he was selected one of the game's stars. Here's to hoping he goes for the blues next time ...

*I got home from the Garden, turned on the tv to watch Rangers in 60 and hear Joe Micheletti say in the intro that Zach Parise is becoming one of the best players in the NHL. And you people wonder why I loathe the Ranger colour commentator so much? What an idiot!

*Also idiotic was Tom Renney's decision to start the "first line" on the 5-on-3 power play in the third period. They just didn't click and wasted more than a minute before the red hot "second line" came on. The Rangers already had a two goal lead but the power play just can't blow opportunities like this going forward. Especially considering how poorly the Devils penalty kill was playing.

*Did the Devils really sign Brian Rolston? Because I sure as hell didn't notice him out there ...

*It was a nice gesture for Dubi to cross the puck to Ryan Callahan to score the empty netter. Cally worked hard all game in the trenches and Dubi handed him his first goal of the season - hopefully the first of many (20?).

*Anyone else see that Marty Straka made a return to the Garden ice? No? He was wearing Nik Zherdev's No. 13 jersey on a two-on-one break in the slot and made one pass to many to blow a perfect scoring chance ...

*Only one player - Dan Fritsche - had less than 10 minutes of ice time in the game. And he had 9:38. Credit to Tom Renney for successfully rolling all four lines and giving everyone a deserving shot.

*On a day where Ryan Hollweg does something exceedingly dumb for his new team, Colton Orr did a great impression of the former Ranger back when he was playing at his pest best. Orr made lots of good hits and played with great energy up and down the ice.

*Do you remember when your mom would attach your mittens to your jacket so you wouldn't lose them? Maybe someone should sew Dan Girardi's gear together so he doesn't lose it. He lost his stick at least twice and his helmet once over the course of the game.

*Jamie Langenbrunner is a punk. And to think that he is a captain in the NHL is annoying. But it is with the Devils, so it isn't much of a surprise. They still can't beat us!

*PHW Three Stars
3-Brandon Dubinsky - one goal and two assists.
2-Henrik Lundqvist - 26 saves.
1-Aaron Voros - two goals and one assist.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Freddie Sjostrom - The Swede was everywhere skating hard forechecking, backchecking, moving the puck up the ice. Freddie did everything except score and that will come if he keeps playing like that.
2-Hank - The Ranger defense wasn't anything special in their own zone and Hank was called upon to make several big saves, which he did.
1-Voros - The big man showed that it didn't matter if he screened Mmmmaaarrrtttyyy facing him or with his back to him because he was going to score anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Agree totally with everything there Scotty. I thought Langenbrunner should have been tossed for trying to incite a fight with Drury with < 5 minutes to go, when Drury stood there and took the punches without going back at him but the fact that they got coincidental minors was ridiculous. Granted I was at the game so I didn't have the greatest view of it or any replays (and I fell asleep before Rangeers in 60 ended lol) but from my view Drury did nothing wrong. I didn't notice Sjo as much to be honest, I agreed with the stars at the Garden. I noticed some people around me thinking that Korp was Sjostrom so maybe it was the two-headed Scandanavian monster that was all over the place?