Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And I'm Back ...

... back in the New York Times.

More specifically, the kind folks over at Slap Shot have decided to renew Hockey Night in Blogdom and were kind enough to invite me back as the Ranger blogger. The first installment of this season is here.

I love that the Flyers and Isles bloggers decided to use some of the few words we were allotted to attack the Rangers. But seriously, who is Jim Butler to say that Colton Orr belongs in the minors when his team carries Riley Cote? Cote has less hockey skill than the pee wees who skate in between periods and has managed to have his hat handed to him by Orr several times before. Not to mention that Cote averages three minutes of ice time per game when Orr sees several minutes more. Whatever, no one said they grew them particularly smart down in Philly. And the Islanders ... they are just sad right now and at least Jim McGlynn realizes that, even if it has driven him to the bottle.

Whatever; before I end this I just want to send a big thank you out to Jeff Z. Klein and Slap Shot for having me back! I look forward to contributing more ...

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