Tuesday, October 21, 2008

6-2-1: Energy People, Energy!

After the final buzzer sounded to close the Rangers 2-1 loss to the Dallas Stars on Monday night, I hopped on a cab and rushed down to Irving Plaza. I went to go see a death metal band named Amon Amarth from Sweden. Amon Amarth is a theme band that is based upon Vikings and Norse mythology. It isn't as dry or strange as you might think and, in fact, it actually leaves you energized, feeling powerful and ready to conquer. It is a damn shame the Rangers and their fans didn't get to see this band and it is even more of a shame that they didn't see them before Dallas came to town because they could have used it. The Blueshirts seemed listless, incapable of finishing chances (or even hitting the net) and willing to let the Stars dictate the action. The fans, well ... they were terrible. There were more 'Potvin Sucks' chants than there were 'Let's Go Rangers' and that is just disgraceful. Onto the game:

*As a continuation of that thought, the fans actually cheered Sean Avery when he came on for warm ups, but booed him persistently after Avery went after Henrik, then Brandon Dubinsky on his first shift of the game. C'mon people, you loved it when he did it in blue ... Plus I counted at least 50 Avery jerseys out there; I would have thought that the people who had loved him would have laughed at his antics, rather than booed ...

*And since the main story heading into this one was Mr. Avery, I would be remiss if I didn't address his performance. Avery was Avery. He cheap shotted, he finished his checks (missing one badly) and he avoided getting into a real fight. Colton Orr chased him down to give him what he deserved in the second period and Avery, of course, turned and jumped on the Dallas bench to avoid him. Avery didn't score and didn't contribute much to the Stars offense, but he did his job. I think that the big game for him after this trip won't be this one, but his return to the Rock on Wednesday when he says hi again to Mmmmaaaaarrrtttyyyy.

*Markus Naslund said 'hi' to everyone again tonight, proving he was still on the Rangers with an easy power play goal on the doorstep in the early moments of the game. He also created a good chance off the rush later in the game but, like most of the Rangers, shot it into the logo on Marty Turco's chest.

*Is it a bad thing that three of the Rangers six defensemen are utterly incapable of doing their job? Rozy had another horrible game with the puck, Redden was invisible and Malik Kalinin ... ugh. Dallas's D meanwhile was pretty solid in marginalizing the NY chances and moving the puck around. The Rangers broke free three times that I counted but couldn't finish.

*Nigel Dawes did that twice - getting handily stopped each time - and he also missed the net twice. He is in the lineup to score, and he will need to regain his scoring touch again soon or else he will be replaced.

*Patrick Rissmiller will certainly be replaced for the next game because he was completely useless out there. Renney had him playing on a line with Chris Drury and helped relegate the Ranger captain to anonymity out there. At one point we were questioning whether or not Drury was actually scratched ...

*Dallas scored two goals, and Henrik cannot be blamed for either one. The first came on the power play thanks to Brendan Morrow, who scored as he was falling in the slot. Dan Girardi gave Morrow body position which allowed the Dallas captain to turn freely into the slot. Girardi unwittingly provided the screen for the second Stars goal but I won't jump all over him on that one. The Rangers were all crossed up and were caught watching the puck. It came out to Mr. Willa Ford, Mike Modano, who took a beautiful shot into the upper reaches of the net.

*I'm sure there is more but I gotta run so here are the PHW Three Stars
3-Henrik Lundqvist - 25 saves.
2-Marty Turco - 28 saves.
1-Mike Modano - one goal.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Scott Gomez - Gomez skated well and put his wingers in good positions to score. Too bad they couldn't ...
2-Trevor Daley - Every time I tried to see which defenseman made a good play on the Stars, it was Daley. He played a game-high 24:39 and earned every second of that.
1-Brendan Morrow - Morrow's goal came from his refusal to give up position in the slot, he had a game-high seven hits and, frankly, he is one of my favourite players.


5-hole.com said...


Watch Modano's goal again. Henrik poked it right to him.

Eric, 5-hole.com

5-hole.com said...

P.S. Yes, they all were standing there watching him shoot the puck. Maybe Girardi should have challenged Modano.

Pete said...

I just want to comment that Sean Avery was a complete gentleman and had nothing but great things to say about New York, the Garden, and its fans (both cheers and boos) when he was interviewed by MSG's Stan Fischler after the game.

But, of course, that will never be seen or remembered...especially by the Garden faithful, who, apparent by their actions on Monday, have very, very short memories.

Outlaw239 said...

Ok here goes. I am so sick and tired of listening to Joe M. and Sam R. fall in love with the other team game after game. If I had to hear about Avery being a distraction, or Henrik's sister picking the winner, I was going to jump ship. These guys are just awful. They do thier very best to boster the other team, and "Oh Sam and "Oh Joe" each other to death. Give me Wiggy, or Crispino,on any given night. When the Rangers suck they say so, when they are going like the hammers of hell they say so. The between period interviews are just awful. Henrik's sister??. C'mon. Then Wiggy with Maloney talking about him and his brother. Then Joel between periods going off the ice to discuss (yet again) Henriks new place. In the immortal words of Charlie Brown "ARGHHHHHHH"