Sunday, October 12, 2008

Broadcasting Bungles

Just a quick note: If you have NHL Center Ice or can find the game online, I suggest you check out the Phoenix Coyotes game in Anaheim right now. Prime Ticket is giving a preview to their new 'Rinkside' view. It has the standard play calling but uses only low cameras - the robos at either end atop the glass and handhelds in the corners and between the benches.

It is an attempt to give those at home a feel for the speed and intensity of the game and, personally, I think it is awful. You can't tell where the puck is most of the time and I think some of the cameramen are having the same problem as well. People complain about not being able to see the puck on the regular broadcasts and this isn't making it much easier.

And one last thing, while I am finding faults with mass media, the folks over at Yahoo! seem to have put up the wrong picture ...


Kevin said...

I'm loving the angle from above the scorer's table, but the cameras behind the net are making me sick.

Sean Leahy said...

if you saw South Park this week, that picture is about right.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing. It made me feel queezy.

I have been saying for years that they need to broadcast the game in an north/south manner (as the game is played) and not east west.

Installing a camera system in the clock (or something similar) and having it track the play up and down the ice would be ideal, but for some reason this is too much to ask of the NHL. If games were broadcast this way fans would be able to see plays unfold and the line changes and matchups that happen on the fly.

Anaheim is trying something knew and that is cool, but it isn't working. I couldn't watch it for more than a few minutes at at time.