Thursday, October 30, 2008

So Long Shanny ...

Wednesday afternoon Larry Brooks reported that Brendan Shanahan has decided to open his options to teams other than the Rangers, since Glen Sather hasn't tendered an offer. Shanahan was proud to wear the Blueshirt and wanted to keep it on so he showed incredible patience and it simply didn't pay off. Hopefully it will pay off for him as he has one less month of wear and tear to start the season. I've looked at the pros and cons of re-signing him, I've sent him to court, I suggested he be player/coach ... I guess there is nothing left to do but wish him the best wherever he ends up.

With New York out of the picture, Puck Daddy and I share the same hope that Shanny returns to Detroit. I can't speak to Wysh's wishes but I want him to head to the Wings for several reasons:

1 - The Detroit fans appreciate Shanny as much as we did in New York and a classy veteran such as himself should be properly revered.

2 - The Red Wings are almost assured a playoff spot and are a likely contender for the Cup. It would be great to see Shanny get a chance to go out on top.

3 - Another Stanley Cup with the Wings may just be enough to get his #14 raised to the rafters of the Joe. The Hall of Fame is waiting for him but he has bounced around too much to cement a legacy with any one franchise. A fourth Cup in Motown could certainly help that cause. Few players in the history of hockey have had as much of an impact as Shanahan (he did help rewrite the rules to revive the game after the lockout) and most every one of them has had their numbers go up - Plante, Orr, Mikita, Howe, Gretzky, et. al.

4 - What could make the Winter Classic more special than having two of the game's elder statesmen in Shanny and Chelios out on the Wrigley Field ice having fun like they're kids again?

5 - And could you imagine Shanny skating on the Garden ice one last time ... in the Stanley Cup Finals?

Hey, a man can dream.

Hopefully Shanny's dream of playing in the NHL keeps coming true and he ends up on his feet, even if it isn't in New York or the Motor City. Best wishes Brendan and good luck ...

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