Monday, October 13, 2008

Lol @ Lightning

Thanks to Puck Daddy for passing along the story from Lightning Strikes:
Marek Malik could be the next addition to the Lightning's ever-evolving defense. The 6-foot-5, 233-pound unrestricted free agent is expected in Tampa this week, though it is unclear if he will sign a one-year, $1-million contract or practice as a tryout.

The comments below the story are also priceless but I just love Arto's who summed it up by saying "I don't like Malik in our team at all."

Arto, neither did we. Neither did we.

In all seriousness, I have been surprised no one took a flier on Kalinin Malik so far. He does have some experience and knows how to play in a defensive system (even if he can't pull it off). I figured at least he would head back home into the deep forest with the other sasquatch to the Czech Republic and play but is Tampa really that desperate? I don't understand why the Lightning would go after a softie like Malik when Mullet Melrose is demanding hard work. Even when Lurch makes an effort, he looks like he is cruising at half speed.

This just isn't a smart move. Malik has the unfortunate tendency of putting the puck on (and in) his own net from time to time; aren't the Bolts goaltenders under enough pressure already from opposing shooters?


Anonymous said...

I am sure Malik will do well in Tampa Bay. All the best to him and TB.

Anonymous said...

Why so many knocks on Kalinin? In no way, shape, or form is he like Malik. Granted he played atrocious in the first two games, I think he's got a little better.

Scotty Hockey said...

Anon 2 - Kalinin is very like Malik. He has good size but doesn't use it, he makes bad passes that put his teammates in bad positions and is prone to defensive gaffes. Luckily, as of yet, he hasn't scored on his own goal. But that could well change - it is a long season.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog man, but I don't understand why you and many of the Garden faithful hate Malik so much? I understand he has had his share of defensive gaffes and bad passes and it pisses me off that he doesn't throw his body around like Jeff Beukeboom used too, but let's take a look at the numbers for the Sasquatch:
Career +/- for NHL Defensmen: #49 on ALL-TIME list at +136 which is 9 spots ahead of our boy Beukeboom and 8 spots behind our other boy Sergie Zubov. All personal hatred aside, the fact is that for his entire NHL career, when the Sasquatch is on the ice his team puts the puck in the net! I can't think of a better measure-of-success for a defensmen than their plus/minus. If you can, I'm all ears... Oh, before you continue to bash him, take a look at the plus/minus leaders for the league since the lockout. All the Sasqautch needs is to learn how to take the tampon out and throw some hits..