Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The New York Rangers homepage right now:

I pointed out the unbelievable part. The Ranger piece on Alexei Cherepanov is the FOURTH article on Rangers home page. That is out of five stories. Fourth. I am shocked and saddened. What ranks ahead of it?

1 - Room is still available for the Adam Graves pee wee hockey clinic.
2 - Download the October schedule as your wallpaper.
3 - Rangers beat Devils to go 5-0.

And the only story that ranks below the Rangers' top draft pick tragically dropping dead at the age of 19? A feature on the viewing party for the Prague games that happened 10 days ago.



Anonymous said...

Scotty, just looked at the website and now it's #3. Still it should be #1 as this kid was going to be special and it's tragic of what happened to him.

Scotty Hockey said...

And the only reason it is number three is because they likely sold out that Graves clinic, not because they found it something important... How is it that the Canucks do so much for Luc Bourdon, who died because he bought a motorcycle and didn't know how to ride it, and the Rangers are doing virtually nothing? I would hope - at the least - that they would put a sticker on the helmet or something ...

Anonymous said...

Yea hopefully they'll put something on their helmets to remember him. The only thing I could see being different is that Bourdon played in some games for the Canucks while Cherepanov has never appeared in a Rangers regular season game.

jetblue jimmy said...

Agreed. NYR should do something out of respect for this kid's family. If it wasnt for the strict Russian rules, he probably would have been playing for us last year, we all know we could use a good, speedy winger. Sad day.