Tuesday, November 20, 2007

12-8-1: Rangers Streak Ends Poorly

Well that was a disgrace of a game. I don't know if getting blown out would have been any better, but at least then maybe I can say the Rangers were outplayed. Tonight they weren't outplayed, they were outworked and outcoached. Pretty pathetic. The Edits are all from what I saw as I watched Rangers Rewind when I got home. Onto some observations:

*As I said, outcoached - Ted Nolan had the Islanders ready to play the Rangers; Tom Renney did not have the Rangers ready to play the Islanders. From the drop of the puck the Islanders did everything possible to disrupt the Rangers offense and it worked. The Isles were blocking passing lanes, trapping and hitting all night long and the Rangers just did not have an answer to it. They did not play the type of hockey that put them in first place. And to change up the lines constantly didn't help the chemistry either. Sorry Tom, this one ranks as a big fat F for you.

*Searching For Bobby Fisher, I mean Jaromir Jagr. Anyone see him? I wasn't sure he was playing the first two periods and he looked meek for most of the third as well. Ah, remember when he was a Rangers killer and one of the best players in the league back when he was on the Pens? That was a long time ago. He used to care then. Oh yeah, and he wasn't the captain, Ah, memories ...

*Another former Pen is really pissing me off. Like I said the other night, Rozy can score all of the goals he likes, but he still has to PLAY SOME F-ING DEFENSE. And it is horrifying that he has three more goals than Jagr. The Czech "superstar" should be ashamed of himself.

*I gotta say, I admire Jason Strudwick's restraint; he shrugged of Chris Simon's multiple attempts to start a fight and lord knows Simon needs a beating. But it wasn't in the best interest of the Rangers and Strudwick held back and stayed in the play. Smart move.

*It was funny watching Bill Guerin and Shanny go at it in several scrums. Old geezer vs. old geezer. Captain vs. guy who should be captain.

*Hank kept the Rangers in the game but the first goal was the softest he has let in all year. EDIT: On a rare occasion Joe got it right and pointed out that it was Hossa's blown coverage that left Fedotenko open. Embarassing. And Vasicek's goal wasn't that good either. Weak. On several occasions, he nearly gave me a heart attack trying to come out of the crease and play the puck. Its like a drug Hank, just say no.

*For all of Sam and Joe's talk about the HBO line turning into a shutdown line, they looked like crap tonight. Orr was virtually nonexistent, Betts seemed to be run ragged and Hollweg kept putting himself out of position trying to lay down some hits. Sadly he was one of the only Rangers to hit all night - they were positively passive in their own zone, which was quite infuriating to watch considering how much Brendan Witt and the Isles were laying the body.

*Avery gets shoved into DP and the goaltender throws some big punches back. Comrie gets shoved into Hank and throws an elbow but nothing, no retribution to the little bastard. Hank just stood there as Avery went after Fedotenko, both of whom were late to the party. Kinda sad.

*I've said it before, I will say it again, Andy Sutton headhunts. He is a tall guy and knows it, using his reach and height to hit guys high. He deserves to be fined and suspended.

*Saw several tussles in the crowd but nothing spectacular. There was a bit of fun chaos after the second Isles goal over in section 323 when a couple of punk Islander kids started taunting. Saw probably close to a hundred bucks worth of food and beer get tossed on those obnoxious brats before several other fans manhandled them away from the area. The MSG crack security staff was nowhere to be found.

*Unfortunately the linesmen were right there when Marc Staal went after Campoli at the buzzer ending the first. That could have been a good fight,

*The Rangers definitely need to get Vally some more games, but I have to say that I am glad he didn't play tonight - he looked like a sieve in warmups.

*Just like at the Devils game last week, I bought my ticket, a puck and a pin. Somehow at MSG it cost $20 less for the ticket (and I was closer to center ice), it was three bucks cheaper for the puck and four cheaper for the pin. And the Devils are trying to attract fans to their new building? Morons.

*Hillary Duff, aka Mike Comrie's sex toy, tried to get into the locker room after the game but accidentally went to the Rangers door before being redirected by security. She turned bright red and tried to hide her face as eager Rangers fans started yelling 'look, that's Hillary Duff!' Idiots; who cares about a no-talent pop tart with bad taste in men?

*And speaking of people with bad taste, here are the PHW Three Stars
1-DP - I don't know how or why he was first. He didn't play particularly great or make any huge saves. He was barely tested most of the night and finished with 18 saves. Makes no sense at all. EDIT: It was DP's 100th career win. It was b-s circumstance that got him a star, not any indication of skill. Pathetic.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Richard Park - the guy is incredibly underrated and played a really solid defensive game.
2-Witt, Campoli, Gervais and the rest of the Isles D, who made it so tough for the Rangers to do their thing.
1-Ted Nolan - he is a helluva coach, can't take that away from him.

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