Tuesday, November 6, 2007

7-7-1: Well That Sucked

I ... am ... so ... pissed ... off ... right now. Right into the rants:

*Can we sit Hank now? Playing in every game, then two games in two nights against our top two rivals clearly took something out of him. There is no reason he should have started this game. The Rangers defense wasn't as good as was during the homestand and Hank couldn't make the big saves to bail them out.

*Versus is the worst. How do you have technical issues and miss play???? I've worked in many tv trucks before, covering hockey even, and never did we lose signal.

*Speaking of Versus, Doc Emerick is nice to listen to but Brian Engblom is horrid as a colour guy. Not to mention the fact that the two of them made it sound like an Islander broadcast from the way they were fellating them.

*Oh, Double Penetration, I know you have been stretched, but if you are going to keep pretending to be a NHL goaltender, you have to close your legs. Thanks for that first goal.

*Two more things about DP: they say he went to Boston University but it looks a lot like he went to the Brodeur School of Diving and Crying. The other thing is a credit to the Islanders - I know, it hurts me to say it - but they do a much better job defending DP and his crease then the Rangers do Hank.

*It still baffles me seeing Chris Simon in the NHL. The guy is a multiple offender whose 'incidents' have gotten more and more violent, but the league continues to let him play and the Islanders awarded him with the Assistant Captaincy. What a great example to set.

*Andy Sutton headhunts. That simple. He has done it every game he has faced the Rangers. And yet the NHL does nothing. But they claim to want to cut down on high hits. Yeah, right.

*I am absolutely tired of watching Rozy on the ice. He has been a shadow of himself from last season and coughs the puck up almost every time he touches it. If not for Staal, he would be exposed for being out of position (and out of control) so often.

*It was interesting to see Marcel Hossa shaking his head as he walked off the ice after the second period. Maybe he realizes just how many chances he blows per game. Too bad that hasn't translated into a renewed effort or anything like that. He just looks worse and worse as Dubi looks better and better playing alongside Jags.

*Larry Brooks ripped Sean Avery for fighting Mike Richards yesterday, saying he was risking injury. I usually like Brooksie but I think he is nuts. Avery was doing his job, sending a necessary message to a rival team. And tonight, he sent another message by not lowering himself to the level of the Islanders and getting on the scoreboard with a perfect assist on Mara's goal. Hey Brooks, Avery knows his job on the team, even if you don't (or won't admit).

*Ted Nolan rolled all four lines and the Isles were more physical and more fresh all night long. Yes the Rangers played the night before but that is no excuse, they are professional athletes. Wasting a roster spot on Colton Orr was a mistake as he did nothing to deter the Isles from smacking around the Rangers.

*Did I mention that I hate Versus? Trent Hunter scored the first Isles goal and even with two replays, I still have no idea how or where the puck went into the net. Unreal.

*PHW Three Stars
3-DP - 28 saves.
2-Ruslan Fedotenko - goal and an assist.
1-Hillary Duff's boyfriend - two assists and a great acting job drawing a high sticking call.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Rozy - He did a ton to help the Isles win the game. BENCH HIM ALREADY!!!
2-Islanders defense - They kept the Rangers off of DP all night.
1-Ted Nolan - One of the top five coaches in the NHL.

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