Tuesday, November 20, 2007

All We Need Is Just A Little Patience

Ok, so during the beginning of the season they kept the Rangers intact despite how poorly they were playing and the injuries that were suffered.

Yesterday we lost to the Islanders 2-1 after a helluva winning streak so Sather and Renney, in their infinite wisdom, decided to make changes. First Renney juggled lines worse than a moron at clown college and now Sather gave Nigel Dawes a bus ticket to Hartford and recalled Greg Moore and Ivan Baranka.


Citing an inconsistency away from the puck, Dawes gets exiled again. The guy has as many goals as Jagr and was more energetic every shift, but he gets to ride the buses back in the AHL. That makes sense. While I love the thought that Greg Moore gets a shot, it shouldn't come at the expense of a guy who is busting his ass and getting some results. But Dawes is gone and the inept, incompetent Marcel Hossa is still on the team. Nice.

As for Ivan Baranka, he was horrid in preseason the last two years so I can't imagine him being worthwhile now. Hopefully Jason Strudwick, who was a little worse for the wear after the battle with the Isles, will be able to go against Tampa Bay tomorrow.

Man, do I hope so.

EDIT: I may have a solution! Let's deal Hossa to St. Louis for Jay McKee! The Blues have a lot of guys and keep scratching him even though he has more blocked shots per minute played than anyone in the league. JD could use more young 'talent' and McKee would provide depth on defense and surely would look better as a sixth defenseman than Malik or Strudwick ...


The Dark Ranger said...

Infuriating. Nigel Dawes hustles more than anyone other than Avery. He is making plays. Don't understand this crap.

When is Malik back?


The Dark Ranger said...
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