Saturday, November 24, 2007

Its The Little Things, You Know?

So tonight I've been watching the Montreal Canadiens take on the Buffalo Sabres and something struck me. The Canadiens truly have beautiful jerseys.

I've mentioned my love for the Original Six sweaters before but they are truly iconic and its a damn shame that only the home fans get to see them. If Gary was smart (and he is despite mounting evidence to the contrary), he would mandate that the Original Six teams - that's the Rangers, Hawks, Wings, Habs, Leafs and B's for those counting - wear their coloured kits on the road whenever possible.

As someone who goes to a lot of games, I gotta admit that I am pretty sick of seeing white teams play every game. Ok, not every game, there have been some exceptions. I know Phoenix wore their reds on the road in L.A. and Dallas, but there should be some kind of rule - especially when it comes to steady sellers like the classics. The whites are nice, don't get me wrong, but there is nothing that compares to seeing simple beauty of the spoked wheel on a red field or the Blueshirts blue. Of course, its kinda sad that the Bruins are no longer yellow but black sells, that's why so many professional teams have tried it. Some have ditched it - San Jose - but others have done well to keep it, like Philly and Boston ... but whatever, this isn't just a black/yellow issue. Its a green one.

The Sabres were the top sellers last season but those primarily came from their rabid home fans. There are Rangers fans everywhere. There are Red Wings fans everywhere. So why not give those wonderful blues and reds some more exposure? It will please the hardcore fans and can only result in the sale of more jerseys. Isn't that what the league wants?

Granted, they should wait until the RBK 'system' fully fails but that shouldn't be long now. Right??!??!?

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