Sunday, November 11, 2007

Congrats J.R.

He won't go down as the best American player ever; he probably won't even enter the conversation. But Jeremy Roenick has grinded out a helluva career. Scotty Hockey would like to offer its/my sincerest congratulations to him on scoring his 500th goal.

Now I did call for him to end his career in September and still feel that he would do more good off the ice than he ever did on it. But it is still nice to see one of the true warriors of the game hit a major milestone.

Ross McKeon over at Yahoo! wrote a really nice column that is worth reading. To give away part of it, he tells how J.R. gave the puck to Doug Wilson, the GM of the Sharks, as thanks for signing him and giving him the chance to play again and reach the magic number.

Now if that isn't the epitome of class, I am not sure what is. I look forward to a time when he brings that class to the broadcast booth so we can all share in it. Congrats again Jeremy, hope to see you soon ...


Loser Domi said...

I would like to add that picture is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Good for ole JR! I'll never forget the night a couple of years ago when he was Cryer and took that wild puck off his jaw at MSG. As the crowd cheered him when he was escorted from the ice, he waved. He waved to the opposition's fans. Remember that? My feeling is that as NYR fans, we're bound to JR because as an American, he was bound to Leetch and Richter on all those Team USAs, ya know?

God Bless America and God Bless American hockey players. (And why not go ahead and bless that young man who sang the anthems last night at ACC. You're right, Scott. He was fantastic. I cried.)