Sunday, November 18, 2007

How Did I Miss This?

This is incredible. Someone listened to me.

This summer I was throwing around ideas on how to improve hockey broadcasts and said this:
Now for the audio - turn up the mics. The sounds of the game are unique and spectacular. From the scrapes of skates on ice and puck on post to the cursing of the players and the jeers of the crowd, the sounds of the game are unique and spectacular and help give viewers a feeling like they are there and we all know that seeing hockey in person is the quickest way to sell someone on the game. And something I have been advocating is the use of the SAP feature or something of its ilk to allow viewers to just listen to the game and not have to hear the commentary. Most sports should have this ...

And the NHL, well FSN, actually did it. KuklasKorner, who pointed it out, has the embedded video and I gotta say it is a must watch/listen! The Ottawa Sun did a good write-up too. All of it proves that hockey, in its purest form, is one helluva entertaining sport. Magnificent!

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Loser Domi said...

"jeers of the crowd..."

I would personally love this idea, but methinks that TV people would have issues with "obscene" crowd jeering. If they're anything like the football and rugby fans up here, they get, let's say, creative (if you know what I mean.)